Entellus & Co is a single stop platform for Paid Advertisements on the Internet. Our experts use Internet Marketing Services such as AdWords, Facebook, Bing, and LinkedIn for positive ROI. Our PPC services are top-notch and help achieve your business goals.

Why is PPC required for your business?

Pay-per-click or PPC or Paid Search Advertising is a quicker way to create awareness among your audience. It is efficient in the sense that you will only be paying for the qualified traffic and thus control the budget and ROI of your campaign.
If you are looking for ways to improve audience traffic to your website, Google AdWords' PPC platform is the best to cater to your marketing needs quickly.
We provide result-oriented PPC services to budding entrepreneurs as well as large scale enterprises. We are experts in Pay per click (PPC) advertisement services.
Entellus & Co provides strategies based on analysis to add value to your business. We do so by combining our data analysis and campaigning strategies with your marketing goals. We provide data-driven and result-oriented PPC marketing services that yield quality results.
We have PPC marketing packages for every budget and our strategies are streamlined to meet the marketing needs of your business. PPC marketing diverts traffic to your website and as more audience visits your site, there are more opportunities to convert them into customers. Another interesting way to attract your competitors' prospects, by displaying Ads of their business.
In all our PPC marketing campaigns, data is very crucial to direct high ROI. To make a difference, you need to apply PPC strategies that are customized for your business.

How does PPC advertising work?

For your advertisements to appear for the search results on a search engine, just paying more than your competitors doesn't do the trick. All the advertisements are subject to Ad Auction. This auction is entirely an automated process used by Google, Bing and other search engines to determine the validity and relevance of the advertisements that appear.
As the name implies, the keywords are bid by the advertisers at the Ad auction to display their Ads. The algorithm of the Ad Auction calculates and displays the relevant advertisement of the advertiser based on the search results. Since it is a paid service, it is wise only to bid on the keywords that relate to your business. This way you can surely get ROI on the cost incurred by the advertisements.

Entellus & Co can provide valuable insights on user data, including:

➔ Top-performing Keywords
➔ High Conversions
➔ Bid suggestions
➔ Ad performance results
➔ Low-cost keywords

Why us?

Entellus & Co. delivers result-oriented PPC advertising services. Our team of highly qualified specialists design campaigns that outperform and manage them on a day to day basis. Thus the bid prices and budget is controlled to maximize your ROI. As a Digital Marketing company, we provide proficient PPC services in Bangalore, India for businesses of all sizes and industries.
Our team is highly capable of running your PPC campaigns customized to your choices and business goals. To keep them performing at their top, we have regular training sessions by our top training partners.

Reasons to Choose Entellus & Co.

➔ Proficient PPC specialists
➔ Customized PPC campaigns
➔ We deliver to build long term relationships
➔ Customer-centric and enthusiastic team

Are you looking for Professional PPC services in Bangalore to generate more leads and improve sales? Contact our sales representative or mail us at sales@entellusco.com.
We are based in Bangalore, a city booming with the IT industry and various entrepreneurs. We are proficient in building businesses using our pay per click marketing strategies to generate leads and increase conversions.


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