Email Marketing

Email marketing is a unique way to reach potential customers across the world. This channel is the only one that can be used for targeting customers who are already engaged. Email marketing is used by businesses to send information only to the subscribers and thus provides higher conversions. This doesn't mean single emails or emails to unsubscribed customers cannot be sent. But it can result in damaging your brand image. Thus, Entellus & Co recommends our clients send emails to the list acquired through organic approaches and thereby leading to better brand image and strong results.

Draws precise and valuable metrics

At Entellus & Co , we provide the most important benefit of Email marketing. Our experts analyze and help you track the conversions rates and where it did not get converted. Thus giving a lot of scope for improvement for future campaigns. Another added advantage that you can avail of Email marketing is that changes can be made instantly.

Targeted audience

Many businesses would like to spend their money only on customers who will be interested in their products or services. This criterion can be achieved by Email marketing services. We at Entellus & Co will help you to send emails only to those subscribers who fulfill certain criteria. You can send emails to a certain locality or people interested in a certain product. Businesses that have segmented their email list based on the information gathered from their subscribers have improved their engagement results based on this tactic. The old method of forwarding the same email for everyone doesn't work any longer. Email marketing works best for those businesses that segment data and campaigns to send the most relevant Emails to the individuals.


For every business, irrespective of the size of the company, money matters. Keeping money matters into consideration, most companies make their investment in email marketing. This is because there is approximately $30 return on investment for every $1 spent. It is clear that emails were and will continue to be efficient channels for marketing on a budget.
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