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With our dedicated team of professionals, we handle all levels of your digital marketing, web development, Mobile App development, SMS marketing, and Email Marketing. Here is how we handle it:

Market & consumer insights

The first rule of business is to know your customer. Where can you find your customers? What are they expecting? What do they need from you?. As a digital marketing firm in Bangalore, Entellus & Co provides market and consumer insights that help you to target your audience efficiently. Identifying the right customer is the first and foremost step for building your unique business strategy.

Unique web designs

Get a headstart in your business with your website. A user-friendly website is essential to establish a positive customer experience. Entellus’s team of dedicated UI/UX designers ensures that your website is elegant and relevant to your audience's needs.


Does your website appear on the first page of Google Search Engine Result Page( SERP)? Visibility on Google SERP is very influential in this internet era. You can now feature on the top of the Google SERP with our Search Engine Optimization tools and skills. This will increase organic traffic to your site and stay ahead of your competition in local listings.

Increasing conversion rates

Along with diverting more traffic to your site, we also ensure engagement with your customers to convert the traffic to sales. We further strive to provide a delightful website experience and a pleasant shopping experience.

Optimized content

Staying relevant, clear and attractive is a top priority for any website. Entellus optimizes your content and fuels your SEO processes to generate quality leads and increase organic traffic to your page and site.

Web analytics

Collecting data is again crucial for a successful business. Entellus helps you to understand your strengths and priorities. We help you in the interpretation and application of the data to figure out current market trends.

Mobile App Development

Nearly 50% of the population use smartphones today. You will lose a lot of customers if you don’t have a good mobile App. We help in creating elegant, user-friendly apps that will increase your target reach. This allows you to stay in touch with your customers always and enables more target marketing. The right mobile app will help you to convey the message directly to customers and increase conversions.

Complete Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best tool to engage with your customers. Entellus not only ensures your visibility across the top platforms but also helps you increase conversion rates using targeted campaigns. All our methods are safe, effective, and ethical.

Moreover, we help build brand equity in the best possible way. We use integrated marketing campaigns along with digital marketing solutions. We take a step further in helping you have a clean and favorable brand reputation. Entellus is what you need for all your digital marketing and web development needs. We strive to ensure that you stay relevant and not get lost in the digital cacophony.
We are a passionate team with big ambitions. Entellus is the best Digital Marketing Agency located in Bangalore. We serve small to large business firms across the world operating in diverse industries with both B2B and B2C services.

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