SMS Marketing

Entellus and Co. provides Bulk Marketing Services to promote your business via text message. You will also receive precise campaign reports to measure the outcome. At Entellus the bulk SMS services are available to clients at affordable rates. Text messages are also an effective way to reach your target audience. You can use the blast SMS plans to give information like Offers, Reminders, Coupons and Services to your customers on their mobile phones anywhere, anytime.

The SMS Marketing Services we provide:

➔ Promotional SMS
➔ Transactional SMS
➔International SMS
➔ OTP Services

Our SMS Marketing Strategy:

➔ Choose the customers from our database based on your target city, state, and industry
➔ Send SMS to the chosen audience, or you can import the list of contacts for messages to be sent later.
➔ We send messages and manage the customer database on your behalf for the customers chosen by you.
➔ Customers can be added to your contact list by texting a mobile keyword.
➔ The delivery reports will be available for you regarding the activity.
➔ User-Friendly management of SMS campaigns and activity reports.
➔ Send bulk messages up to 100,000 every minute and Send SMS texts to all CDMA and GSM Networks
➔ Every SMS consisting of 160 characters can be sent
➔ Get a sender name of 8 characters and Set schedules based on your convenience to send SMS
➔ Affordable SMS marketing service rates, Manage your sent messages
➔ Promote your brand by availing dynamic sender ID
➔ Easily create groups online and send group SMS to individual groups
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